This blog is an invitation for art educators (or those who are related to the field) to talk about their practice, their formats, their theories and visions. It is platform to share their different ways of thinking and conceptions of art education. Currently the blog is published by Gila Kolb. The interview questions were developed by Gila Kolb and Cynthia Krell.

The interview, is a medium that depicts persons and their ideas, experiences and visions temporarily as well as in extracts. Therefore, the interview is a contribution to develop a theory in the field of art education. It is a format to discuss about certain contents, to raise questions and to attract public interest.

The contemporary art scene is to a great extent internationally linked so that there self-evidently is a constant professional exchange between experts and persons responsible. This is an international platforms for art educators.

#who’s writing, who’s reading?
Art educators who are looking for inspiration and exchange between colleagues, students who are interested in getting more information about the profession of an art lecturer, artists and curators who want to learn more about mediating art, academics and YOU.

This blog is maintained on a volunteer basis and does not pursue any economic interests.



The Art Educator’s Talk LIVE (analog set) is series of talks that reaches out to art educators who are looking for inspiration or exchange, like-minded people, students who want to learn about the profession, academics, artists and curators who want to know more about art education and you. It takes part with different participants and places and is organized by agency art education.



Gila Kolb

Gila Kolb & Cynthia Krell

Gila Kolb, Cynthia Krell, Konstanze Schütze, Christopher Forlini, Natascha Raue

Wolfgang Jung

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Handyscreen: Workshop “digital pocket culture”, Mediamus Tagung, März 2019, Bild: Shusha Niederberger

Blumenlese. Bild: Jaqueline Baum, 2018

BG-Raum. Bild: Gila Kolb, 2018

“The Museum is a School; the artists learns to communicate; the public learns to make connections.”, 2011, © Luis Camnitzer

Photograph © Mariá Acaso, 2015